You’re going to need help keeping your home at a comfortable temperature. You have a few options, including conventional furnaces or boilers, and air conditioners. You can also think about getting a heat pump. A heat pump comes with many advantages, so it could be a good investment.

Heats and Cools

The biggest thing that sets heat pumps apart from traditional HVAC systems is their ability to heat and cool. They can function as heaters and air conditioners, and this versatility makes them more attractive. In the winter, they bring heat indoors, and they do the opposite in the summer.

They’re able to do so because they can reverse the flow of refrigerant in their piping systems. Refrigerants can easily absorb and give off energy in the form of heat. To warm your home, the refrigerant in the heat pump’s outdoor unit absorbs heat from its surroundings. This outdoor unit would typically be housed underneath the ground somewhere on your property or outside your home, exposed to the air. When the refrigerant travels to the indoor heat pump unit inside your home, it can let go of the heat it has absorbed. The opposite process occurs in the summer; the refrigerant transfers heat from your home into the ground or to the air outside. To transition from heating mode to cooling mode, all you have to do is adjust the thermostat and flip a switch.

Heat Pumps Versus Furnaces and Boilers

Furnaces and boilers have to create heat, unlike heat pumps that simply transfer heat from one place to another. Creating heat takes a lot of resources. Usually, those resources are in the form of oil, propane, or gas. In contrast, heat pumps don’t directly consume any fossil fuels. They do, though, run on electricity. When it comes to utility bills, people with heat pumps may enjoy having lower monthly costs than those who heat their homes with oil, propane, or gas.

If you deal with extremely cold weather in the winter, a heat pump can provide warmth. However, some models may not be able to effectively meet your heating needs, which is a big contrast to furnaces and boilers that can do a great job even when the outside temperature drops below freezing. For this reason, some people who live in colder climates and have heat pumps have supplemental heating sources. Recent advancements have resulted in much more robust heat pumps, though, so you may be able to find models that can do well even when faced with frigid weather. Some newer models have been made specifically with cold weather in mind, and they use variable speed compressors so that they can better adapt to changes in temperature.

Heat Pumps Versus Air Conditioners

As we mentioned earlier, heat pumps have outdoor units that can be placed right outside the home or somewhere on the property. These would be air-source units. There can also be ground-source units that are buried underneath the ground. The outdoor units of air conditioners, in contrast, are not buried. Usually, they’re placed right outside the home.

Air conditioners could be cheaper than heat pumps when comparing initial costs. Air conditioners can potentially last longer than heat pumps as well. This is primarily because they’re only in operation for only part of the year. Heat pumps don’t get too many breaks since they heat and cool, so their components have to work harder and may start to break down sooner rather than later.

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