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Contrary to their names, heat pumps don’t just provide warmth to your home, they also provide cooling. The reason behind their name is because the system doesn’t create cold air to circulate around your house. Instead, when you run the air conditioner, it removes heat from the air in your home by pushing it outside. When you run the heater, it collects warm air from outside to redistribute into your house.

It may sound impossible to pull heat from outside in the dead of winter, but heat pumps contain condenser coils that attract warmth from their surroundings. Refrigerant distributes the hot air to evaporator coils. These coils further emit high temperature air that then mixes with the rest of the air being pumped through the system. The heated air pushes through your vents and circulates throughout your house to create a warmer environment.

If you own a heat pump system, you can call us to maintain the unit or you can follow these maintenance tips to keep it running smoothly and efficiently.

Maintaining your heat pump system

You can enjoy many years from your heat pump if you maintain it properly and call Waterbury Heating & Cooling to professionally clean and inspect it once a year. Between annual inspections, you can extend your system’s lifespan by doing the following:

  1. Clear ice around heat pump unit

    In winter, ice can form in and around the unit. Use the defrost option to thaw it. Remember, your unit can’t work if there’s too much ice and snow built up around the system. It blocks important vents, and without proper air flow, your heat pump will have to work harder and longer to reach the temperatures you set. If it’s still extremely cold out, use warm water to wash the snow and ice away. Call Waterbury Heating & Cooling if you need assistance ridding your system of ice. One of our professionals can clear the heat pump and properly cover your unit’s pipes to keep them from bursting. They can also suggest a shelter to keep snow and ice out — but do not directly cover the unit. This can hurt the system and block the vents just as badly as the snow.

  2. Clean or change air filters

    The filters on your unit help keep it running efficiently and also keep dust, debris, dust mites and bacteria from swirling around your home on the circulating air. Vents should be changed every one to two months, depending on whether you own a furry pet, suffer from allergies or asthma, or live in a dusty environment.

  3. Clear heat pump unit

    There should be no shrubbery, storage boxes or anything else within two feet of your system. This is especially true of flammable items like cardboard, paper, or chemical containers. Much like with the ice and snow, anything that covers the unit can restrict important airflow. More importantly, any nearby debris or containers can pose as a fire hazard.

  4. Heat pump system maintenance

    Regularly cleaning your system can keep it running at full efficiency. To clean the unit, simply wipe off any dirt, dust, or debris. For the coils, you may need to turn to a heavy-duty degreaser. Turn off the unit, wipe down the coils and rinse them off by hosing them down. For interior cleaning, call Waterbury Heating & Cooling. One of our trained professionals will ensure your ducts are clear, coils and the innermost parts of your unit are clean, and more. When you’re not sure how to properly clean your heat pump, or if you just want to ensure the smaller components are cleaned, too, let us help.

  5. Call Waterbury Heating & Cooling

    When you keep up with regular maintenance, you may assume there’s no need to contact a professional. The truth is all air conditioners, heaters and heat pumps should be serviced by a professional HVAC technician at least once a year. Though you can clean your own coils and the exterior of the unit, there are fragile components that are difficult to reach. Only a member of our experienced team can ensure all pieces are properly cleaned — and they’ll do a lot more than simply clean your heat pump. Waterbury Heating & Cooling professionals will clean and inspect your unit for regular or unusual wear. They will flush the indoor condensate pan and drain, oil the fans and blower motor, inspect wires for frays and secure plugs, check the suction line pressure and will conduct a duct inspection.

Signs your heat pump system is failing

You can do everything right but nothing can prevent aging and normal wear and tear. No matter how perfectly you treat your system, there will be times when it fails to work at full efficiency. If you suspect anything is wrong with your heat pump, pay attention to it. Look for the following signs, then call Waterbury Heating & Cooling for help.

  1. Strange unit noises

    You may hear your unit turn on or off, and you can sometimes even hear the air circulating through loose ducts or vents. While these sounds are normal, keep an open ear for unusual humming, rattling or even screeching sounds. Sometimes, there is a bubbling sound and when you hear that, don’t hesitate to call Waterbury Heating & Cooling. We’ll take a look at your system and check for refrigerant leaks, loose fans and components that may require more oil.

  2. Poor or no airflow

    If you set your thermostat to cool or warm your home and you hear the system turn on, but don’t feel anything through the vents, you may need professional help. But first, try checking the vents to ensure nothing is blocking them and they’re all open. If you still don’t feel any air, or it seems to barely trickle out, call Waterbury Heating & Cooling. One of our experienced technicians will investigate your ducts to ensure there is no blockage, and they’ll also clean any dirty parts that could inhibit air flow, change dirty filters, inspect the blower motor and more.

  3. High energy bills

    One sure sign of a struggling heat pump is an exceptionally large energy bill. Pay attention to fluctuating bills. If you notice you’re paying more and more each month, it may be due to a failing heat pump. If anything is wrong with the system, or if there is a blockage in a part, the ducts, or the vents, it will be forced to work harder and longer to get your home up or down to the temperatures you desire. To correctly diagnose the cause, call Waterbury Heating & Cooling. Our professional technicians know how to handle failing or struggling heat pumps. They’ll do what it takes to restore or improve energy efficiency and airflow.

  4. Strange/bad smell

    Animals are known to sometimes turn to a house’s ducts for warmth in winter or to serve as a nice summer home. Unfortunately, these animals can die in your system, which creates a bacterial nightmare. Signs an animal has perished in your ducts include strong offensive odors. Other causes of bad smells include the growth of mold or mildew, which can happen if your system isn’t draining properly or is struggling to convert atmospheric moisture properly. When things start to stink, call Waterbury Heating & Cooling. We’ll check your unit and your ducts to ensure bacteria, mold and mildew aren’t circulating through your house.

  5. Won’t heat home

    You keep setting the thermostat to warm up your house but for some reason, only cold air escapes your vents. There can be a variety of causes ranging from an improperly placed or broken thermostat to electric shorts and a failing or failed blower motor. To accurately diagnose the issue, call Waterbury Heating & Cooling. Our experienced technicians will inspect your unit and run a series of tests to get your heating working again. If you’re concerned about a unit that won’t produce heat all winter, consider calling Waterbury Heating & Cooling near the end of the summer months for routine maintenance and inspection.

  6. Ice on unit in summer

    There can be a few reasons ice begins to form on your heat pump, even during the hot summer months. It can be a refrigerant leak, clogged filters, or even dirty coils. If you check the filters and wash the coils, but still notice the formation of ice, call Waterbury Heating & Cooling. We can check the innermost parts of your unit to see what’s causing the problem.

  7. Cycling between on and off

    Like any system that runs on a motor, there is a change that components can overheat. One symptom of overheating includes a unit that keeps turning itself on and off to reach the temperatures you set. It can also be a problem with the heat anticipator, thermostat or even filters. When in doubt, call Waterbury Heating & Cooling. Our technicians are trained to investigate your heat pump and offer affordable solutions.

  8. Breaker keeps tripping

    Your heat pump may be tripping your breaker due to wiring or fan problems. Only a professional technician can inspect the wiring to ensure a safe repair, so if you notice your unit keeps tripping the breaker, turn it off and call Waterbury Heating & Cooling. The friendly and professional technician who inspects your unit will let you know if the problem is due to dirty components, a compressor malfunction, a refrigerant issue, or electrical complication.

At Waterbury Heating & Cooling, we believe you and your family deserve to be comfortable all year round. So, if you live in or around Sioux Falls, South Dakota and your heat pump is giving you trouble, give us a call. When your warming and cooling system needs to be serviced or replaced, schedule an appointment with one of our professional, friendly and knowledgeable technicians. We offer services and repairs, as well as the installation of several products. We can install air conditioners, humidifiers and dehumidifiers, heat pumps, heaters, thermostats, furnaces and more.

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