Waterbury Plus Programs

Annual Furnace and Air Conditioner Service Agreements

Our Plus Service Agreements provide you with peace of mind, knowing that you had a service professional take the extra steps necessary to ensure your Waterbury furnace and air conditioning equipment is operating at peak performance year round.

Your equipment will operate more efficiently and use less energy
which will save you money in the long run.

Plus 1-Trip Plan


Service both furnace and air conditioner in one trip.

Plus 2-Trip Plan


Fall furnace service and spring air conditioner service.

What's Covered?

1 A/C and Furnace*, Annual System Tune-Up, Waterbury Calls YOU to Schedule Service, 15% Discount on Everything**,
24/7 Emergency Service***, Factory Trained Technicians

*Each additional furnace or air conditioner is available for $20 off the base service plan price.
**Exclusion apply, ***After hours charges will apply if after regular office hours
+Filters not included in plan pricing.

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  • Disclaimer

    Recommended repairs should be done at time of recommendation. If declined, a follow-up service call would apply. This agreement will automatically renew unless canceled by the customer within 30 days of renewal date.

25 year furnace warranty

No extra charges for repair parts*, labor or travel time.

The Waterbury furnace warranty ensure that, other than the cost of the manufacturer's recommended annual preventative maintenance check and service, there will be no additional expenses to you for 25 years from the date your furnace was installed.

*Parts based on availability

Your Commitment

Agree to have a Waterbury technician perform an annual routine service on the furnace. You will be billed the current year’s routine service rate.*

Agree to replace your filters as recommended by the furnace manufacturer.

Agree to keep the environment surrounding the furnace clean and not to subject the furnace to adverse conditions which would affect the furnace performance.


No extra charge for repair parts*
No extra charge for labor
No extra charge for travel time
No additional expenses to you as long as you own your furnace (filters not included)
Your furnace will run at peak efficiency all year round

*The annual routine service must be scheduled within the months of February and May during regular office hours and is not subject to any discounts or promotions.



Sold With New Furnace Purchase Only

25 Year Furnace Warranty Signup

  • Disclaimer

    Valid only to the address listed on this contract when the billing for the furnace and installation is paid in full. This warranty is only valid on hi-efficiency gas furnaces installed within a 15 mile radius of Sioux Falls, SD. This warranty does not cover the expense of replacement of your furnace once it has served its useful and normal life.

    If the dwelling at which the furnace was originally purchased is sold to a new owner, the warranty is transferable for it's remaining time from the original purchaser to the new owner(s) of that said dwelling for a $49 transfer administration fee.

    This warranty cannot be extended to furnace failures caused by fire, flooding, or other natural or man made disasters or by gross willful negligence. Does not cover damage done by other connected system components. This warranty covers the furnace only and does not apply to any other additional equipment related with your system.