Your Sioux Falls Heat Pump Specialists

Contrary to their names, your heat pump in Sioux Falls, SD, doesn’t just provide warmth to your home, they also provide cooling. The reason behind their name is that the system doesn’t create cold air to circulate around your house. Instead, when you run the air conditioner, it removes heat from the air in your home by pushing it outside. When you run the heater, it collects warm air from outside to redistribute into your house.

It may sound impossible to pull heat from outside in the dead of winter, but heat pumps contain condenser coils that attract warmth from their surroundings. Refrigerant distributes the hot air to evaporator coils. These coils further emit high-temperature air that then mixes with the rest of the air being pumped through the system. The heated air pushes through your vents and circulates throughout your house to create a warmer environment.

If you own a heat pump system, you can call our HVAC team to maintain the unit, or you can follow these maintenance tips to keep it running smoothly and efficiently.