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    When those summer months hit, you’ll want a functional air conditioner for your home. No one wants to wake up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat. To avoid this possibility, it’s important to get regular checkups and perform routine maintenance on your HVAC system.

    If it’s been a while since you had your cooling system checked out, or if you’re in a new home and aren’t sure when it was last serviced, call Waterbury Heating & Cooling, Inc.. Get your unit inspected by one of our friendly, professional, and experienced technicians. Trust us to diagnose any problems, clean and maintain your system, and offer repair or replacement options at a fair price.

    To keep your cooling system in good condition, consider the following maintenance steps.
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    Maintaining Your Air Conditioner

    Before inspecting and cleaning your cooling system, turn off the power for safety purposes. There should be a shut-off box on or near your HVAC unit. To be doubly safe, don’t forget to turn off the electricity for the system from the breaker box, too. You can turn these back on after you’ve cleaned and inspected your air conditioner. Your filters capture tiny particles in the air like dust, debris, dust mites, pollen and even bacteria. If you don’t regularly change out or clean the air filter, the particles can circulate through your home while your air conditioner is running, which can lead to more symptoms for those suffering from allergies, asthma and other lung-related illnesses.

    Visually check your filters every two months, or once a month if you live in areas with poor air quality, are dusty or are experiencing heavy seasonal pollens. Also inspect them once each month if you own pets who shed a lot or have an older, less efficient, cooling system. If the filters seem to be dirtier than not, change them out. There are some filters on newer units that don’t need to be changed for up to three months; however, if you’re unsure how often you should change your unit’s filter, you can check the user manual or call Waterbury Heating & Cooling, Inc. at (605) 277-7336. Our friendly technicians will be more than happy to help.

    Inspect the unit and clean any dust or debris from its exterior. Vacuum what you can from the system and use a damp cloth to get rid of any extra grime. Refer to the owner’s manual for instructions to open your HVAC system. Use compressed air to clean the debris from the coils and a vacuum cleaner and damp towel to rid the rest of your system of dirt, debris, and any buildup. While cleaning, make sure to check the condensate drain tube. You’ll know this tube is clogged if you find puddles of water around your furnace when the AC is on.

    As a safety reminder, you should be cleaning and inspecting your system after the power has been shut off and after you’ve also turned off the breaker so there is no chance electricity will run through the cooler.

    While inspecting and cleaning your AC unit, you may notice the fins are a bit bent out of shape. After cleaning the dirt and debris from the fins, use only the tip of a dinner knife to realign the fragile metal grate. Be sure to only apply gentle pressure and only use the very tip of the knife. You don’t want to damage the fins or any components behind them.

    The air vents in your home should be open. This deters excess moisture and stale air. They should also be clear of dust, dirt, debris and any coverings. If you have furniture, boxes or other items over floor vents, they should be moved to allow for proper air flow. Any wall hangings or tall furniture against the wall should not be positioned directly in front of the vents. To clean your air vents, use a vacuum cleaner. For any stuck-on grime, a damp cloth will do the trick.

    If your unit is near shrubbery or your garage, ensure nothing is leaning against it, nothing is atop it and nothing is growing too close to it. This includes any weeds that may crop up, so be sure to check your unit regularly. Anything that grows or is placed too close to your system can obstruct the airflow, which means the system has to work harder to heat or cool your home.

    While you’re maintaining your unit, you may notice some components don’t look right. Maybe they’re bent or a hose is cracked or broken. But some symptoms aren’t visually obvious. That’s why it’s important to pay attention to how your air conditioner is acting, how it sounds and more. Here are a few symptoms to look for.

    Does it feel like your unit has stopped producing cool air? If it seems like your house is always too warm, try turning on your air conditioner and place your hand over an air vent. Do you feel any air coming through? If so, does it feel cool? When it stops producing air, or stops producing cold air, call Waterbury Heating & Cooling, Inc. for repairs.

    When your unit is struggling to work, it requires more energy to reach the temperatures you set. This is seen in your utility bill. When your energy consumption is higher than normal, inspect your unit and clean it out. If the issue persists, call Waterbury Heating & Cooling, Inc. at (605) 277-7336. One of our professional technicians will diagnose and fix the problem.

    Your air conditioner may make the usual sounds of air being pushed through vents, but if there are squealing, grinding, or grating noises as well, your unit requires repairs. The earlier you call Waterbury Heating & Cooling, Inc., the better.

    If you notice a musty stench in your home — especially near any air vents — there is a good chance there’s mildew or mold growing in the ducts. Sometimes, it can be an indication there’s a burned-out wire that’s in need of replacement. Don’t wait for things to get worse, call Waterbury Heating & Cooling, Inc. for repairs as soon as you notice strange smells from your air vents.

    Air conditioning units have dehumidifiers that remove warmth and moisture from the air in your home. Refrigerant absorbs the heat and moisture in the air, which creates condensation in your unit. This condensation escapes through the condensate drain tube. When components stop working, or are clogged, you’ll notice your home starts to feel a bit muggy. If this happens, call Waterbury Heating & Cooling, Inc.. Our experience, reliable and knowledgeable technicians will offer air conditioner repairs, suggest the appropriate maintenance, or replace any parts that are too far gone.

    At Waterbury Heating & Cooling, Inc., we believe you and your family deserve to be comfortable all year round. So, if you live in or around Sioux Falls, South Dakota and your air conditioner is giving you trouble, give us a call. When your HVAC system needs to be serviced or replaced, schedule an appointment with one of our professional, friendly and knowledgeable technicians. We offer services and repairs, as well as the installation of several products, including boilers, humidifiers and dehumidifiers, thermostats, geothermal systems, furnaces, air conditioners and more.
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